Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rough Rafu 9~17

"Bart's Stool II" 12" x 8" (17)

"Stare II" 13" x 10" (16)
"Pumpkins" 10" x 13" (15)
"Green" 10" x 8" (14)

"White Woman" 12" x 9" (13)

"The Fur Coat" 9" x 6" (12)

"Evening Mountain View" 15" x 10" (11)
"Stretch" 10" x 13" (10)

"Pearls" 12" x 9" (9)

Presenting another Rough Rafu series #9~17.  A boarder line work between a study piece and a finished painting.  This category of my work (Rough Rafu) was produced within a 18 to 30 hour time range.  

All of the pieces are painted on double acrylic primed illustration board (Bainbridge Mechanical Ruling #2000).  Oil paintings.


Rough: unpolished, coarse, sketchy

Rafu (裸婦): female nude

Currently, my latest Rough Rafu works (plus 3 older pieces) are listed for sale at eBay(  They are auction listings, and no reserve prices are set.  The auction will end on Monday, June 23, 2014 at 8AM.  If interested, please check them out.  The starting price on these pieces are relatively low compared to prices on my other works, due to its simpler content, smaller dimensions, and the time spent on the piece.